Industrial Equipment Protection Starts with Great Surface Preparation

Just as good buildings need strong foundations, protective coatings work their best only with superior surface preparation. However, every environment presents its own corrosive challenges and each surface must be prepared in a way that best addresses those challenges. Our specialists assess the surface preparation needs of your equipment based on material type and current condition, environment, optimum surface finish, coating and many other factors.

They then recommend a surface preparation plan, including:

  • Hand tool cleaning
  • Power tool cleaning
  • High Pressure Washing
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Black Beauty
  • Green Diamond
  • Garnet
  • Coal or copper slag
  • Steel shot or grit
  • Glass beads and more
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Solvent cleaning
  • Scarifying and more
Surface Preparation
Industrial Sandblasting & Coatings